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Ultra Transport is a component for the Joomla! Content Management System (CMS). Based on our top rated real estate extension, Intellectual Property, it's designed to provide a professional, extensible and robust platform for auto/vehicle sales associates and dealerships to manage listings with no programming experience required. If you can use a computer, you can use UTransport.

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What versions of Joomla does UTransport support?

UTransport is compatible with Joomla 3.0+.

Does UTransport allow front-end editing?

YES! UT3 supports front end editing. Site administrators are naturally wary of giving users access to the Joomla control panel. That's why UTransport provides a front-end management panel for agents and company administrators.

From the front-end management panel, company admins can enable and disable listings, deactivate company agents, edit any listings, and more. Agents can add, edit and manage their listings, change listings' featured or published status, and edit meta tags and keywords.

Using UTransport's access control list (ACL) functionality, you can allow agents to edit the listings of colleagues within the same company, or restrict them to their own listings.

What is a super agent in UTransport?

A super agent is an "agent admin." This user is allowed to manage all the agents and listings belonging to his company, but does not have any Joomla-specific admin capabilities. The super agent can also set all parameters for his company, including setting limits on max listings per agent, max featured listings, etc.

By setting up super agents, the site admin can let other trusted users handle the day-to-day admin work without the possibility of an inexperienced user breaking the Joomla site.

Are my UTransport listings Search Engine Friendly (SEF)?

YES! All content in the UTransport system is easily indexable by search engines and web crawlers. We use syntactically correct HTML/XHTML and support custom meta tags and keywords on a per-vehicle basis. We also provide plugins for popular SEF Joomla extensions including AceSEF, sh404SEF, and Xmap.

Is it possible to build a multi-lingual site with UTransport?

YES! Using tools like JoomFish (available for Joomla 1.5 and 2.5 only at this time), Falang, and the new Joomla multi-language plugins and tools (Joomla 2.5+) you can create multi-lingual sites to support a variety of languages.

Can I track hits and contacts?

YES! You can use popular tracking tools like Google Analytics with UTransport, and The Thinkery is currently working on add-on products such as the UReport package, which will provide your users with stylish, easy-to-use graphs and charts depicting many data points including hits by category, company, or agents.

We also provide plugins that can send your form data to CRM systems like Salesforce.com and ZohoCRM.

Can I import data into Ultra Transport?

YES! You can create a comma separated values (CSV) or extensible markup language (XML) file, and use UTransport's Bulk Import function to quickly import your existing listing data. If you don't want to handle the imports yourself, feel free to contact us for a quote on importing data.

Will my site still work after my subscription ends?

YES! Your UTransport site will not be disabled after your subscription ends. However, in order to receive product updates and support, you will require a valid subscription.

Does my subscription include UTransport modules and plugins?

YES! All standard Modules and Plugins are included at no additional charge.

We also include plugins to enable functionality with third party tools including sh404SEF, Xmap, and more. Please note that while we include our plugins for these extensions with your subscription, these third party extensions are NOT included with your subscription, and in some cases may require acquiring a subscription from their developer.

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