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We provide software development services, custom IDX import scripting for RETS, CSV and XML feeds, and we can also create custom data import / export routines for other services like, Kyero, and many more.

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Any professional real estate agent will tell you that without a solid web presence, they may as well hang up their license.

Intellectual Property has that covered-- with our top-rated Joomla real estate component, you can quickly and painlessly create a sophisticated, mobile-friendly site with more advanced features than you'll know what to do with.

How Do Imports Work?

What happens when you want to import IDX data from your MLS into Joomla? What happens when you want to integrate your RETS feed, or subscribe to third-party data providers like Rightmove, Zoopla, Kyero, or PrimeLocation?

The good news is that the Thinkery has included XML and CSV file import utilities with Intellectual Property. That's right! IProperty can import XML and CSV files! 

But before you get too excited, you must understand that the native import functions can't "guess" at the format of the file. It must be built to a known specification provided with the product. Furthermore, Joomla doesn't have native scheduling capabilities. So there's a limited amount you can do automatically.

How We Can Help

We can create import or export routines, custom designed to fit your service and your site, and totally automated for truly "hands-free" processing. We've already got ones prebuilt for the major data providers worldwide, and we've done hundreds of import jobs.

We can normally have your RETS or IDX data integrated into your IProperty site within a week or two, depending on our workload, and for less than the competition charges. Are you in the EU or Asia? That's ok too! We can have your data humming in no time.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help.

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