The world of real estate websites is a grim place. Hundreds of cut rate vendors of "packaged" agency web products abound. Many of these sites look like they were designed in the late 80's. . .many of them probably were! Furthermore, many of the web tools for agents and brokers are designed by developers with no real experience in the real estate market, not by industry professionals who understand the needs of the market and how to reach home sellers and home buyers.

As a real estate broker or agent, you will make no more critical decision than how you create your website. This has become the single most important way to connect with new customers, and can make or break your business.

What is IProperty?

Intellectual Property, or "IProperty", is a top-selling Joomla real estate component created by the Thinkery by and for real estate agents. In cooperation with the best selling agents from one of the top-ranked brokerages in the United States (names withheld to protect the guilty!), we worked to develop the broker's homepage, as well as agent sites that could share the data and "look and feel" of their parent site.

Through this process we learned volumes about what an agent wants and needs-- how to quickly and cleanly present the listings for potential buyers, how to provide the agent with the tools to show his or her clients how hard the website was working for them, how to connect online and cultivate relationships with users.

IProperty is the result of this process. 

Intellectual Property is ranked at the top of the Joomla Extensions Directory in the real estate vertical, rated a solid 5 stars by the vast majority of our users, and has been named one of the best products of the thousands available for Joomla. We have based the majority of our business on our real estate expertise for over 5 years-- and we aren't going anywhere. 

What Makes IProperty Different?

Compare our products, services and industry expertise against our competition. You'll find that not only are we home-grown in the USA, with no development work outsourced or offshored, our support staff are full-time experts as well-- your question won't be shuffled off to an intern or a guy who juggles twenty different products as a part time job.

Find out why Intellectual Property is the answer for real estate professionals who want to take charge of their web presence-- their first, last and most important face to the world.

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