Do you love the top Joomla real-estate solution on the market? Are you an IDX-eligible agent served by FlexMLS?

Today is your lucky day!

The Thinkery, in cooperation with FBS Data and FlexMLS, has developed a custom version of the Intellectual Property Joomla real estate component specifically designed for the FlexMLS Spark Platform API.

Wait a minute. . .what?

An API is an "Application Programming Interface"-- a way for two different computer programs to share information and functionality. The Spark Platform is a groundbreaking new API developed by FlexMLS, to allow programmers to work with ALL of their MLS associations, without having to custom-code solutions to match each association's minor differences.

What this means is that you can have a fully-hosted, fully-configured and fully-designed Intellectual Property website, with reliable, near real-time access to your association's data, almost instantly! No more expensive data sync routines, no more processing and hosting gigabytes of images on your own server-- the Spark Platform deals with all the back end hassle. Intellectual Property then wraps this fresh data in the most functional and beautiful website package you'll find, with a price tag thousands of dollars below a comparable custom site!

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