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We've been building top-ranked Joomla components and plugins for over 5 years. We have several that we sell ourselves, but we often create custom components for unique project requirements.

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IProperty Features

Please note: the management and import features below do not apply to the IProperty Flex product. IProperty Flex does all of the heavy lifting for you, so all you need to do is decide how to show your listings to your potential clients! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Front End Features:

  • Front end management
  • Support for subscription based listings
  • Ajax powered property search map
  • Google or Bing maps support
  • Automated email updates for saved properties and searches
  • Multilingual support (via Joomfish or Falang)
  • Mobile compatible (IP2 with system mobile plugin enabled) & responsive (IP3) layouts
  • RSS feeds by category, agent, or company properties
  • 15+ views including advanced search, all properties, company properties, company agents, agent properties, company and agent contact, and many more!
  • 40+ modules and plugins included with subscription
  • User favorites to save properties and searches (with optional email updates)
  • Several image gallery options
  • Optional mortgage calculator
  • Open Houses
  • Related documents
  • Native and 3rd party plugin support
  • Much much more!!!

Admin Features:

  • Multi-level categories/subcategories
  • Easily manage all categories, listings, agents, companies, open houses, amenities, css and more
  • Backup and restore feature to backup IP data at any time
  • Supports CSV and XML imports
  • Ability to apply properties to multiple categories and agents
  • Custom icon uploader for agent, company, and category images
  • Custom image gallery uploader to upload new images or link existing images and documents to listings
  • Easily manage titles, captions, and order of property images
  • Settings Galore! Configure colors, galleries, filters, and more through IP settings!
  • Custom CSS editing via a user friendly admin panel
  • Feature properties, agents, or companies
  • Add custom property amenities (categorized in IP2.0+)
  • Drag and drop map locations tool or automatically geocode locations from address
  • Upload related documents (PDFs, Word Docs, etc) easily per listing
  • Dynamic sale types with custom banners
  • Plenty More!!

WorkForce Features

Front End Features:

  • Front end profile editing (v1.5.3+)
  • vCard download feature (v1.5.3+)
  • Easy employee search, sort, and order
  • Email cloaking to avoid employee email harvesting
  • Employee profile with optional captcha-secured contact form per employee (captcha plugin)
  • Department view with ability to order employees per department
  • Custom Pagination settings
  • Custom intro text to the component
  • Offline/Online setting to enable or disable component
  • Option to feature employees per department

Admin Features:

  • Move/Copy/Clone feature for improved usability (v1.5.3)
  • Option to allow front-end editing (v1.5.3+)
  • WYSIWYG editor support
  • Employee ordering by department
  • Easy image upload/select for departments and employees
  • CSS Stylesheet editing via control panel
  • Custom Settings including pagination, image resizing, intro-text, and online/offline settingv
  • Keyword and employee department filtering to find individual employees quickly
  • Publishing/Un-publishing of departments and employees

ReportCard Features

Front End Features:

  • Optional Front-end Testimonial Submission
  • WYSIWYG editor support
  • Captcha Validation on front-end Submissions
  • Custom color settings to suit your template
  • Custom Pagination
  • Random Testimonial module included
  • Admin approval of front-end submissions
  • Admin Nofication when testimonial submitted via front-end
  • Custom intro text to the component
  • Offline/Online setting to enable or disable component and module

Admin Features:

  • WYSIWYG editor support
  • Testimonial Approval for front-end submissions
  • Testimonial Ordering
  • CSS Stylesheet editing via control panel
  • Custom Settings including pagination, colors, into-text, and offline setting
  • Checkout system to prevent over-writing of others testimonials
  • Keyword/Author filtering
  • Publishing/Unpublishing option

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