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Code, coffee and Coeur d'Alene. We're happy to live here, work here, and raise our families here. Since 2009 the Thinkery has been developing software for the world from North Idaho.

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In addition to keeping up on our core products, support and family duties, we haven't been sitting on our hands around here. 

In the next quarter we're hoping to go full-speed on our new port for the Spark Platform API. This means we'll be opening up the best Joomla real-estate component to a whole new world of users-- the agents who are usually stuck with the lousy "broker provided" web solutions. These sites are about as basic as they get, and many (maybe even most) use iFrames to display real estate data. 

Why is this bad? Well, when you iFrame content in your site, like many real estate sites do to provide the search tools and data for independent agents, the search engines that are so critical to getting you traffic don't see that data as being part of your site!

Look Ma, No Inline Frames!

It's tragic, really. You go to all the trouble of getting yourself a website, hanging out your virtual shingle, and the most important visitors, the search bots, don't even notice you have property listings!

With an IProperty site, all data actually is a natural part of your site. No iFrames are used, and all listing data is properly attributed to your site. This means when a user searches Google for a real estate listing, an address, or real estate in a town that you cover, your site will be ranked appropriately, rather than having the most critical part of your site ignored.

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