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Code, coffee and Coeur d'Alene. We're happy to live here, work here, and raise our families here. Since 2009 the Thinkery has been developing software for the world from North Idaho.

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The latest and greatest IProperty yet has been released-- Intellectual Property 3.3.4 for Joomla is now available at This is the top real estate extension in the open source market, and the best just keeps getting better!

Here's a list of the newest features and product enhancements from the 3.3.4 build:

* Bug fix - fixed issue in agent/company/category image uploader refresh
* Bug fix - fixed missing property helper in admin properties view
* Bug fix - fixed agents per page setting in companyagents view
* Bug fix - fixed issue in quick search module query with keyword text
* Bug fix - issue with categories in Related Properties module
* Bug fix - fixed missing linkedin and fb fields in front-end agent form
* Bug fix - removed deprecated sensor param from gmaps
* Bug fix - improved callback for streetview tab
* Bug fix - issue with available date selector
* Bug fix - fixed issue with agents view not respecting limit
* Bug fix - fixed issue with availability calendar timezone
* Bug fix - removed deprecated param set method in modules
* Bug fix - change behavior so users can't save duplicate favorite listings
* Bug fix - fixed issue with gallery uploader when no map provider is selected
* Bug fix - hide driving directions plugin when no map provider is selected
* Bug fix - fixed issue with cat module helper
* Enhancement - Added category map marker field and functionality to show different markers for each category
* Enhancement - fixed static methods in Feed model
* Enhancement - added sale type option to AdvSearch2
* Enhancement - added open graph tags to category and allproperties menu items
* Enhancement - adding subdivision filter to category and allproperties menu items
* Enhancement - adding subdivision filter to advsearch
* Enhancement - made update check only check once per week to avoid loading delays
* Enhancement - added inclusions amenity type
* Enhancement - added grid view to agent and company properties
* Enhancement - rebuilt request forms to work with reCaptcha v2
* Enhancement - restyled details tab to fit span width better
* Enhancement - added admin icons back into admin layout
* Enhancement - rewrote backup / restore routine for mysqli
* Enhancement - removed deprecated SimplePie in favor of JFeed
* Enhancement - rebuilt sidebar to minimize code duplication
* Enhancement - CSS fixes and style improvements
* Feature - added new Slideshow Glide module to replace deprecated Mootools-based Galleria
* Feature - include property listing title / link on agent / company contact button click
* Feature - added map marker icon option to category object
* Feature - added map category legend showing new map icons with category
* Feature - rebuilt / tested core features for PHP 7.0 compatibility
* Feature - added support for Falang front-end editing features

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