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Code, coffee and Coeur d'Alene. We're happy to live here, work here, and raise our families here. Since 2009 the Thinkery has been developing software for the world from North Idaho.

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The latest and greatest IProperty yet has been released-- Intellectual Property 3.3.2 for Joomla is now available at This is the top real estate extension in the open source market, and the best just keeps getting better!

Here's a list of the newest features and product enhancements from the 3.3.2 build:

* Enhancement - removed extra getPropertyItems call in ajax controller
* Enhancement - optimized query helper
* Enhancement - added color-coded icons / cat icons to advanced search
* Enhancement - added search by sqft, acreage and lotsize to quick search
* Enhancement - added RANDOM() orderby to default IP Agents, Companies, Properties
* Enhancement - added select options to slideshow module
* Enhancement - added alias to csv / xml import objects
* Feature - new Advanced Search view (advsearch2) added
* Feature - added keyword search to Advanced Search
* Feature - added option to upload property images to Amazon S3 
* Feature - improved keyword search syntax 
* Feature - added ZSearch Zillow-style search module
* Feature - added finacial module
* Feature - added option for pre-text on Category and All Props views
* Feature - added bio / description option to Company
* Feature - added Featured filter option to Category and All Props menu items: show ONLY featured
* Feature - added location options to Random / Featured Agent modules
* Feature - added jLike plugin (requires jLike extension to be installed)
* Feature - added location option to Companies and Agents menu items
* Feature - added Grid layout for Category and All Props views
* Feature - added option to show / hide category, property and location tab on advanced search
* Feature - added Craigslist / HTML generator plugin
* Feature - added YouTube embed plugin
* Feature - added Top Producer lead tracking plugin
* Feature - added Open Exchange Rate currency conversion plugin

The key takeaways there are a whole new ajax advanced search view, which is triggered by map moves and zooms rather than sliders, a bunch of new modules and plugins, and the ability to upload your listing photos to Amazon S3, which is a best practice for fast and efficient page loading.

We also added a new grid layout to give you even more options for how to display your site, and improved the speed and accuracy of searches.

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