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Code, coffee and Coeur d'Alene. We're happy to live here, work here, and raise our families here. Since 2009 the Thinkery has been developing software for the world from North Idaho.

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Thinkery Docs are Here!

Thinkery Docs

Things are on the move here at the Thinkery! Along with the launch of our new IProperty demo site, we thought "Hey, you know what would go nice with the demo site? A new documentation site!". Introducing the new Thinkery Docs site. The Thinkery Docs is a place where you can find instruction manuals, FAQs, and brief tutorials on all things Thinkery. Including our Intellectual Property (IProperty) real estate extension, Work Force staff listing extension, and Report Card testimonials extension.

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New IProperty Demo Site

IProperty Demo

We're happy to announce the new IProperty demo site! Featuring the latest IProperty release, running on the latest Joomla version along with a quality RocketTheme template. In celebration of the new demo launch, we're offering 10% off any level IProperty subscriptions for a limited time. Use coupon code IPDEMO18 to receive your discount!

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IProperty 4.0.1 Released!

It's taken a lot of long nights, but we've released Intellectual Property 4.0.1-- this is a major improvement on the past versions of IProperty, and amounts to a major refactoring and modernization of the greater part of the product! 

We wanted to ensure IProperty was ready for Joomla 4.0, and will stay on top of the heap as the most advanced real estate component for Joomla! Changes and improvements include:

4.0.1 Intellectual Property 2017-10-09
* Enhancement - Replaced Pluploader with Dropzone.js in IProperty image manager
* Enhancement - Add "street direction" field for property listing addresses
* Enhancement - Implemented caching in multiple core functions for increased speed
* Enhancement - Implemented caching in helper functions for increased speed
* Enhancement - Updates for Falang multilingual front end translations (requires IProperty Falang v3.3.6 content elements installed separately)
* Enhancement - Update for Falang multilingual keyword search in agents, companies, and properties front end list and manage views
* Enhancement - Add featured option to IP Map Module
* Enhancement - Remove most deprecated Joomla method calls including JError
* Enhancement - Update Walkscore plugin to work with new WS service
* Enhancement - Add plugin to replace
* Enhancement - Add option to sort properties in admin view by modified date
* Enhancement - Updated Google Places plugin to work with changes to the service
* Enhancement - Improved advanced search amenities query construction
* Enhancement - Add order by ordering option to featured agents module
* Enhancement - Add form method option to zsearch module
* Enhancement - Bing maps v8 support and cleaned up map scripts
* Bug fix - admin amenities view clear search button fix
* Bug fix - email update created/modified date query fix. Email updates were not being found due to incorrect query for listings created or modified after last sent date.
* Bug fix - save search panel not displaying in advanced search view when 'save property' option is disabled. Wrong variable.
* Bug fix - advanced search (1 & 2) ajax route problem with sef urls. Raw format issue fixed.
* Bug fix - admin panel 'users with saved properties' also pulling users with saved searches instead of only users with saved properties
* Bug fix - fix issues with Bing maps when using SSL
* Bug fix - fix issue with waterfront searches in menu items and adv search
* Bug fix - fix issue with timeouts when generating empty snippet
* Bug fix - fix issue with IP News feed timeouts
* Bug fix - ensure random ordering works in object models
* Bug fix - Removed jToolbarHelper throwing 500 errors due to J3.7 updates
* Info - removed school finder plugin, as they have discontinued the API

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Big things coming!

First things first

Intellectual Property, our top-ranked Joomla real-estate component, is about to get even better.

This quarter, we will be releasing an improved version of IProperty 4 which has already proven to be our most stable, feature rich version ever! The best component for property management firms, estate agencies and Joomla property portals is getting better with every release. Along with our previous enhancements including faster searching, improved image gallery management, Amazon S3 storage (which will make your responsive site even faster with Amazon's edge hosting locations for images), and hundreds of other improvements, there's still more to come. If you'd like to check the change log, you can find it here.

This 2018 first quarter release will feature a brand new map search view which will eventually be taking the place of our earlier advanced search views. The new map search is more intuitive, overridable, and altogether more logical. Searching by map bounds, reducing the amount of clutter caused by old slide filters, and maintaining a clean, intuitive user interface.

In other news...

In addition to updating and supporting our current core extensions, we're also working on some new exciting projects! We will be releasing our new Thinkery Virtual Tours hosted solution for Flex MLS members in the upcoming months. All you need to do is sign up, enter your api key, and away you go with unlimited virtual tours based on your MLS listings. All for a low monthly subscription charge. If you'd like to learn more, or help us beta test, please feel free to contact us!

Why IFramed Real Estate Results are Unacceptable

Agents contact us all the time and ask if they can use their MLS Associations' "framed" results with our Intellectual Property Joomla Real Estate real estate website component.

The answer, unfortunately, is no. Without writing an unethical screen scraper, we couldn't get the data from the iframed page into the IProperty database.

But there's a bigger issue at stake here.

Agents who are new to internet marketing and real estate websites in general are missing out on a crucial fact-- iframed (or "smart framed") real estate listings on their site don't do them any good at all!

Read more: Why IFramed Real Estate Results are Unacceptable

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