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Our Products

Over the years, we've developed some subscription based extensions for Joomla including our top rated IProperty real estate extension, as well as a staff listing extension called WorkForce, and testimonials extension called ReportCard! Follow the links below to learn more about our extensions. If you have an idea for an extension, but aren't sure how to build it, let us know and maybe we can help!


Learn more about our top rated full featured real extension for Joomla! Easily manage your real estate listings or use the IProperty Flex version with automated imported data from Flex MLS!

IProperty Flex

The Thinkery, in cooperation with FBS Data and FlexMLS, has developed a custom version of the Intellectual Property Joomla real estate component specifically designed for the FlexMLS Spark Platform API


Our staff and employee listing extension for Joomla! Create and manage your staff profiles and departments easily and quickly with WF!


Let your customers, clients, and site users share their experience with others by adding their own testimonials using ReportCard's user friendly interface!

Thinkery Services

The Thinkery specializes in real estate software development, but we're always interested in exploring new terrain! If you have a project in mind that we might be able to help with, let us know!

Software Development

The Thinkery doesn't just build software for our own projects-- we'd like to help you realize your dreams as well!

Data Import/Export

Any professional real estate agent will tell you that without a solid web presence, they may as well hang up their license.

FlexMLS Integration

Thanks to the Spark Platform, you no longer need to worry about downloading real estate images, syncing RETS feeds or hassling with flat-file IDX downloads.

RETS for Real Estate

The Thinkery has developed a sophisticated RETS import toolset that allows you to synchronize the data between your association (or associations!) with your IProperty website.

Custom Software Development

The Thinkery doesn't just build software for our own projects-- we'd like to help you realize your dreams as well!

If you've got a specific business problem that you need to solve, or if you can't find an existing software package that meets your needs, give us a call. 

How Can We Help?

We specialize in web application development, creating database-driven, secure systems to handle tasks as various as business intelligence / reporting, document management, online gaming, and more. We've created custom ETL routines to extract and load massive amounts of data in a very short time-- saving hundreds of hours of labor in data entry. And we've done it quickly!

We're experienced with PHP, Ruby on Rails, jQuery, AngularJS, nodeJS, .NET and pretty much any other scripting language you can name. Having an extensive toolkit like this means that we can choose the best language for the job, rather than getting stuck in the old "when all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail" scenario.

Lately we've been pretty into Laravel, which is one of the most complete development frameworks for PHP we've seen. It's like Ruby on Rails, but better! With this toolkit we can build custom web application and microservice-driven APIs in record time.

No Middle Men

We never offshore and rarely need to outsource. That means the buck stops here-- you'll be directly working with our team to make sure you get what you're expecting with solid communication and competitive pricing.

Please contact us any time if you have a project that you think we could help you with!

Contact Us Today!

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