Website Design, Coeur d'Alene Idaho
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Your website is more than just a place to put a picture of your headquarters. Your web page is your first and best face to the marketplace, the flagship of all your marketing efforts. As such, your website needs to reflect your company and your business-- with search-engine friendly design techniques, integrated mutlimedia that advances your message without just wasting bandwidth, and smart, snappy content that communicates clearly to your core audience and gets them into your sales pipeline.

Coeur d'Alene websites designed by the Thinkery won't neglect the critical online component of your presence. We'll work with you to develop a sophisticated, smart design that you can be proud of, and then hand over the controls to you so you can maintain and update your site without getting stuck in long-term "maintenance" contracts that drain your budget without giving you much in return.

We'll create a database-driven, CMS-enabled site that you can customize yourself, put up full-motion Flash interactivity, or build a custom site with integration with your core business sytems-- the sky's the limit.

Just because you work from North Idaho doesn't mean your website shouldn't be world class-- and if you're worried about getting found by search engines-- we've got that wired too.

Check out some of our satisfied clents. And if you'd like to speak to references personally, we'd be happy to arrange it.