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Report Card

Report Card JoomlaReport Card is a Joomla! testimonials component that offers a user-friendly admin layout where site administrators can easily edit, re-order, publish, and approve or disapprove customer testimonials. Report Card also offers site admins to allow user submissions via the front-end of the website if they so choose. Site users may add testimonials through a simple front-end form that is spam-protected by a captcha security image to only allow valid human-entered testimonials.

After a user adds a testimonial via the front-end form, site administrators have the option to be notified when a new submission is entered. All new submissions must be approved by site admin before displaying on the website and in the random testimonials module. Click here to view a demo. Some key features of Report Card include:

  • Front-end Testimonial Additions
  • WYSIWYG editor support
  • Captcha Validation on front-end Submissions
  • Custom color settings to suit your template
  • Custom Pagination
  • Random Testimonial module included
  • Admin approval of front-end submissions
  • Admin Nofication when testimonial submitted via front-end
  • Custom intro text to the component
  • Offline/Online setting to¬†enable or disable component and module
  • WYSIWYG editor support
  • Testimonial Approval for front-end submissions
  • Testimonial Ordering
  • CSS Stylesheet editing via control panel
  • Custom Settings including pagination, colors, into-text, and offline setting
  • Checkout system to prevent over-writing of others testimonials
  • Keyword/Author filtering
  • Publishing/Unpublishing option
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