Website Design, Coeur d'Alene Idaho

Bothell Ski & Bike

Bothell Ski & Bike, based in Bothell, WA is a +$1 million business that sells top-quality merchandise with an exceptionally knowledgeable staff. When they decided to bring their successful brick-and-mortar operation online, they came to the Thinkery. We re-designed, re-skinned and re-habilitated their Network Solutions-based shopping cart system, and gave them a look that showed the world they are a first-class organization.

Main Features

In Bothell Ski & Bike's business, "the eye eats first"-- top-of-the-line merchandise won't move without a compelling case and a little bit of eye candy. The Thinkery built out a sophisticated system of Flash image galleries, complete with video demonstrations and first-person input from Bothell's employees. The result is an eye catching, easily-maintained system with tons of accessible information and plenty of those sexy product shots.

Technologies Utilized

PHP, Monster Commerce, Flash, full motion video.

See for yourself!